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This is an extension program that runs on your browser and allows you to download network videos such as m3u8 and mp4. You can install it by visiting the browser web store through the following link:

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Because data of different resolutions are detected, the video is segmented. Please select Fixed resolutions in Source Video instead of Auto.

Due to the large amount of data (more than 5000 fragments or 2.5GB), the video needs to be divided into multiple chunks, please save it as soon as possible to release the memory and avoid running out of memory.

The recording is complete, please save it as soon as possible to free up memory.

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The video buffer recorder requires the installation of a browser extension to function.
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How can I speed up the recording progress?
The faster the video buffer, the faster the recording progress. Therefore, you can speed up the buffering progress of the target video to accelerate the recording progress. For example, you can drag the playback progress bar to the end of the video buffer progress to accelerate the buffering speed. You can also use the playback speed control to speed up the buffering progress.
Why is it always in a "waiting for response" state?
This is because the tab is not receiving data. Please make sure the target video is playing. If the video is playing and the task is still unresponsive, close the tab and try again. If it still doesn't work, it may be because the video is not a standard streaming video, and the buffer cannot be recorded. This extension cannot guarantee the recording of all videos. Additionally, it's possible that your browser version does not support this feature. It is recommended to use the latest version of "Chrome browser".
Why does it still show "recording" after the video buffer or playback is complete?
The completion signal is only sent when the webpage containing the target video is redirected, refreshed, or closed. In fact, the recording is completed when the video buffering is completed, and you can click the save video button at any time.
Why is the video divided into multiple segments during the recording process?
For streaming videos, certain players switch resolutions based on your network status. Data of different resolutions cannot be merged into one video, so they are divided into separate segments. If the target video provides adjustable resolution options, it is recommended to choose a fixed resolution option before recording instead of the default automatic resolution to minimize the segmentation of the video.
Can I record multiple videos simultaneously?
Yes, but it requires sufficient memory on your computer because the recording buffer temporarily borrows memory from your computer. The longer and higher quality the videos you record, the more memory it will occupy.
Can I record live streams?
Yes, but it does not guarantee that all live streams can be successfully recorded. It should be noted that when the video reaches a certain size, the program will automatically split it into chunks. Please save the chunks as soon as possible to free up memory, otherwise recording may fail due to insufficient memory.
Why can't some videos be played after saving to disk?
Before saving the video to disk, you should first play the preview video of the task. If it can be played normally, it means that the local player you are using cannot parse the video data. You can try using other video players, and it is recommended to use the "VLC" video player. If the preview video of the task cannot be played properly, it means that the video cannot be recorded.
How can I record clearer videos?
If the target video provides multiple resolution options, select a higher resolution option during the recording to obtain video data of corresponding clarity.
Where are the downloaded videos saved?
When you click the "Save" button, the file is by default saved in the browser's download directory. Normally, when saving a file, the browser will pop up a window for you to choose the download folder. If this window does not appear, you can find the downloaded video file in the browser's download history.
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