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This is an extension program that runs on your browser and allows you to download network videos such as m3u8 and mp4. You can install it by visiting the browser web store through the following link:

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The M3U8 downloader requires the installation of a browser extension to work.
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What are HLS and M3U8?
HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming, and M3U8 is an index file that contains information about the segments of a streaming video. Currently, most online videos are HLS streaming videos. FetchV's M3U8 Downloader works by downloading video segments through the M3U8 file and then merging them into an MP4 file.
Can this M3U8 Downloader download any M3U8 videos?
No! This downloader is only suitable for M3U8 videos that use standard video playback technology. It may not work for M3U8 videos that use unconventional playback technology, encryption, or live streaming. If you encounter a situation where direct downloading is not possible, you can try using FetchV's "Record Mode" to save the video.
Why is my download speed slow?
In most cases, the download speed ranges from 200KB/s to 20MB/s, depending on your network condition and the target video. If you are unable to smoothly play the target video before downloading, it indicates a poor network connection between you and the target video. Additionally, try to avoid playing the target video while downloading to reduce bandwidth usage.
Why does the download task pause automatically?
The task will automatically pause when there are more than 30 error requests. Continuous error requests are usually caused by your network being disconnected or the requests being rejected. You can wait for a moment and then click the "Continue" button to try again.
Why are the downloaded video frames corrupted?
If the video can be played after downloading but the frames only display scrambled colors, it means that the video data cannot be parsed correctly. Please try using "Record Mode".
Can I download multiple videos simultaneously?
If you are downloading large videos, it is advisable to avoid doing so unless your computer has sufficient power and bandwidth. During downloading, the extension caches data in this tab, using your memory (which is released when you close the tab or save the file to disk). The larger the video you download, the more memory it occupies. If your computer's memory is insufficient, it may cause the tab to crash. On the other hand, if you download multiple large files simultaneously and the bandwidth and CPU performance are not adequately allocated, it may also result in task failures.
What should I do if I encounter a download error?
If you encounter a download error, it means that the M3U8 Downloader is unable to download the video for you. In this case, you can try using "Record Mode".
Where are the downloaded videos saved?
When you click the "Save" button, the file is saved by default in the download directory of your browser. Normally, when saving a file, the browser will display a pop-up window for you to choose the download folder. If this window does not appear, you can find the downloaded video file in your browser's download history.
Why can't I download videos from some websites that I used to be able to?
There are various types of video playback technologies used on the internet, and this M3U8 Downloader is only suitable for videos that use common playback technologies. If the target video website has modified its video playback technology, the M3U8 Downloader may no longer work. You can try using "Record Mode".
Why is the downloaded video incomplete (only a short segment)?
This may be due to the video using non-standard playback technology, which causes the application to be unable to parse the video data. In this case, you can try using "Record Mode" to download the video in its entirety.
Why does the saved video have only audio without video, or video without audio?
This may be because the video and audio of the target video are loaded separately. Currently, the M3U8 Downloader cannot parse such videos. You can try using "Record Mode" to download the target video in its entirety, including both video and audio.
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