The Professional Online Video Downloader For Web Browser

This is a browser extension for downloading web videos. It can download most types of web videos, including HLS, m3u8, mp4, webm, flv, etc.

Features of FetchV

May be FetchV will be of great help to you, because of its features below

Multiple formats

Can capture and download videos on almost all web pages, including mp4, webm, flv, avi, ogg and other formats.

M3u8/HLS videos

Capture and download m3u8 videos on web pages, automatically merge .ts files, and output files in mp4 format.

Recording mode

If the URL of some videos cannot be captured, the recording mode can help you, it will download the videos forcibly.

Multiple threads

Initiating multiple requests for one video at the same time, the speed can reach 1~4 MB/s under the condition of smooth network.

Breakpoint download

The download task may fail when the network is disconnected, don't worry, you can continue it when the network is restored.

Download preview

On a page, more than one video may be captured. When the download starts, a preview is generated so that you can identify it.

How to use / Download Mode

If the video URL can be successfully captured, the download mode is preferred to obtain a more enjoyable download speed.

Open The Page With Video

After installing the extension in the browser, open the video webpage. The extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser will display a numerical subscript, which means that the video URL in the webpage is captured. If there are no numbers, play the video or refresh the page.

Select The Download Item

Click the extension icon, and a popup will show. If the video URL is captured, it will be displayed in the list. Click the download icon, a new tab will be created, and then the download will begin. Sometimes there may be multiple URLs displayed in the list, you should judge by the file format and file size. If too many URLs from other domains are captured in the list, which interferes with your choice, you can filter all the video URLs from that domain by clicking the blocking icon on the right side of the item.

Download Begin

After the download task is created, you can pause, cancel and save cached part of the video. If the video type is m3u8 and multi-resolution is provided, the program will choose the maximum resolution by default. If you don't need a maximum clear video, you can choose other resolutions by switching select form. Please note that during the video download process, do not close the tab showing the task.

How to use / Recording Mode

When the download mode not working, using the recording mode can solve the problem.

Open The Page With Video

After installing the extension in the browser, open the video webpage. If there is a video in the page, but the URL cannot be captured, click the record button.

Choose a Fixed Resolution

After clicking the record button, a prompt box will pop up, follow it. If the current video has an optional resolution, please make sure to select a fixed resolution instead of automatic, otherwise in the case of poor network conditions, automatic resolution switching, the recorded video will be splited into multiple clips of different resolutions.

Recording Begin

After clicking the Confirm button, the program will create a new tab to display the recording progress. Don't close this page before it is finished, and don't close the video playing page at the same time. In fact, the recorder get the cached data in the player, so you can check the recording progress through the cache progress bar of the video. If you want to speed up the recording, you can drag the playback progress bar to the end of the cache bar to speed up the cache, or you can choose double-speed playback.

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