How to download m3u8 videos

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Actually, m3u8 is not a video format, but a streaming video playing index text file, which records a series of video parts. FetchV extension downloads video parts from m3u8 file, then merges them into one file and outputs with mp4 format.

Here are the steps to download m3u8 videos through FetchV extension:

1. Install Extension

If you have already installed the FetchV extension, skip this step.

"Edge" browser

If your current  browser is the "Edge", get the extension through this link: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/ihibohcfelkaekclengnnbabckojcmnf

"Chrome" browser

If your current  browser is the "Chrome", get the extension through this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fetchvvideoshlsm3u8mp4-do/imleiiaoeclikefimmcdkjabjbpcdgaj

Other "Chrome" kernel browsers

If you are using another "Chrome" kernel browser, you can download the "crx" file from this link and install it in the web store: https://fetchv.net/crx/fetchv.crx

2. Capture m3u8

Open the target page, and if there is m3u8 video, the m3u8 file URL will be captured and displayed in the expanded popup list.

In the list, you may see more than one m3u8 file.

There are two possibilities.

First, the video advertisements on the page use m3u8 files. Usually, this kind of video is very short, with only about two or three segments.

Another possibility is that the target video has multiple resolution versions. The browser will first load the index (usually the file name is master.m3u8, which contains the URL of m3u8 files with different resolutions), and then load an m3u8 file with an appropriate resolution again according to your network status. All loaded m3u8 files will be captured by extension, so you will see multiple m3u8 files in the list.

If you encounter this situation, you just need to download the index m3u8, and the extension program will automatically select the maximum resolution version of the video for you.

Of course, if you don't need the maximum resolution version, but want a faster download speed, you can re-select other versions in the download interface.

3. Save cached part

If your network condition is not good, the download may not be completed all, and you can download the completed part.

Or, you downloading a big video and you don't want to wait. You need to click the pause button and then download the finished part.

4. Save the full video

When the video is downloaded, you will see a "Save" button, click it. The video will be saved in mp4 format in your browser's default download directory. If the video is large, when you click the button, you may not see the download effect for the time being. Don't worry, in fact, the program is already processing it.

If you use the "Edge" browser, you may not be able to see the download effect, but, in fact, the file has been saved in your default download directory.

When you have save the video to your computer, the cached data on the page will be deleted after tens of seconds.